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Nov. 6, 2009

A lady made a left turn straight into me when I had a green light.  It was all I could do to not hit her head-on.  She hit my driver's side and spun me into a steel traffic signal pole, then proceeded to make contact with another truck in the intersection.  No one was seriously hurt.

The culprit.

The rear of my truck hit the pole square on the axle.  The rim and brakes completely exploded.



The impact of the pole along the axle snapped most all of the rear suspension: lower control arms, driveshaft, shocks...  Note even the swaybar end link bolt is deformed.



She initially hit me along the slider; her car was blue.  Thanks to DeMello Off-road for saving the driver's side of my truck.


The vehicle was so tweeked from hitting the pole that even my center console busted apart from the impact.