Mike's Garage

Stewart Valley, NV

I spent a day hunting Stewart Valley despite the forecast rain.  The weather turned out to be perfect and I found a couple meteorites on the Nevada side.

The drive out to the strewn field takes me right past Death Valley.  In the picture below, everything left of the highway is Death Valley National Park and right of the highway is open BLM land.


My first find was a small cluster of 9 fragments weighing 2.2g.  I found these on the exact spot of a previous cluster, so no doubt they are fragments from the same stone.


A short distance away I found one more small fragment, 0.25g.


California/Nevada state line.


I decided to try hunting a different part of the lake bed and was quickly rewarded with a nice 1.6g fusion crusted fragment.


My largest find of the day, 3.5g, was in the depression of an old tire track.


My final find of the trip was a ~50% complete small individual stone weighing 2.7g, I am still hoping to find a complete stone one of these days.