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Red Pass Dry Lake

My map showed about 30% of the dry lake to be accessible, the rest was part of Fort Irwin.  Unfortunately, when I arrived I discovered that the fort boundary had been moved and only about 5% of the lake was not fenced off.  I hunted the open area, but only found trash and lava rocks.  The most interesting trash was what appeared to be anti-personnel shrapnel - little darts with tail fins that looked pretty nasty!  I also found artillery shell shrapnel and what appeared to be an unfired round for a grenade launcher.

Although I didn't find any meteorites, I did get the chance to use my new GoPro camera (the two photos above were taken with it).  I made a couple videos during the day:

Part 1 of the drive out to the playa, AF 242 to Powerline Road

Part 2 of the drive out to the playa, Powerline Road to Red Pass Dry Lake

Time lapse of about an hour spend hunting the shore line

Walking the fence line