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Nevada Dry Lakes - December 17-19, 2015

Mark and I set out to explore 5 Nevada dry lakes in 3 days the weekend before Christmas.


The first stop was a dry lake just outside the town of Lunning, Nevada.


Next we headed to another spot not too far from the highway.  We didn't find any meteorites, but the winter scenery was spectacular.


Day 2 found us in a known strewn field in Nevada.  Most of the dry lake was clear, but the parts we wanted to hunt were under a couple inches of snow.  The only tracks before ours were from animals.



We headed home on day 3 but planned our route so that we could check out two more dry lakes.  First up was Mud Dry Lake.  Most of this spot is now fenced off as part of the adjacent military base.


We finished the trip at a spot called Alkali.  The surface had recently been moist and frozen, leaving behind an interesting pattern.  Evidence of ice rafted "sailing stones" were everywhere.



In the distance Mark is following the track left by this stick as ice, wind, and sun caused it to be slowly dragged across the surface (it went on for several hundred feet).  When the wind changed direction, so did the stick.