Mike's Garage


A weekend hunting Holbrook with Robby and his brother.


Robby and Ryan atop a dune, deciding where to look next.


My first find of the weekend, a small fragment.


Complete Holbrook individual in-situ.



It pays to poke everything with a magnet, sometimes they turn out to be meteorites...


2.9g individual in-situ


The cattle that graze in the area often extrude meteorites from the mud with their hooves; this fragment was perched waiting to be found.


A Holbrook "pea" in-situ.


A weathered fragment.



We were walking back to the truck along the road that parallels the train tracks for an afternoon break.  The areas near the train tracks are littered with lava rocks and imported rock fill for the track bed but that doesn't stop meteorite hunters from wishing that one of them was a meteorite.  I was about 50' behind Robby and his brother as they reached the truck and I had been absent mindedly poking every rock along my way.  I wasn't paying too much attention when one of them stuck, I figured it was just a lava rock due to it's size as most Holbrook meteorite finds now days are less than 5g.  After about 15 seconds of staring in disbelief I realized I had just found a relatively large Holbrook meteorite.  I called Robby and Ryan over and they pointed out their footprints that weren't two feet away from the find.  Robby broke out his scale and we weighed it right away - 45.2g!  This is the 3rd largest meteorite I have personally seen come out of this strewn field (the other 2 were found on the 2011 99th anniversary hunt).  How many people had walked past this meteorite over the years without noticing it?


Thanks, Holbrook!  See you again soon!