Mike's Garage

I came in to the trip Saturday night, exiting the 15 at Cima Road and following a course I plotted in my gps the day before.

My road to camp took me along the phone line poles that used to serve the old Mojave phone booth. They looked really cool stretching off and over the horizon.

My new suspension worked too well, and I was going a bit faster than I probably should have and hit a wash-out at full tilt. Bye bye stock skids.

Parked at camp.

Coyote den?  I could curl up inside.

While I waited for all the slackers at camp to pack up I climbed the mountain behing the camp.  Click here for a 360-degree view from the peak.

Catepillar cocoon.


The Mojave Mailbox.


The Frog Shrine

Up to the lava tubes.

And down into the lava tubes.


The drive across Soda Lake is like driving across an alien landscape.


Travellers monument, everyone leaves a lava rock.

Hood line above the passenger fender/headlight doesn't quit sit flush any more. Time to visit the body shop!

Helping fix Robert's skid plate.

Under the railroad brige at the head of Afton Canyon.

Crossing the Mojave River.  The first bonus crossing, it is usually dry.

The last crossing was pretty deep this year.

Note Robert's taco'd skid plate on my roof rack.