Mike's Garage

Just up Kuamo'o Road you come across Opaeka’a Falls.

Across the road from the falls you have a fork in the Wailua River, the only navigable river in Hawaii.  You can also see the Kamokila Hawaiian Village on the north side of the river.  This was where King Kaumualii of Kauai (the only Hawaiian king not conquored by King Kamehameha) assembled his war canoes. 

Kuamo'o Road turns into Waikoko Forest Management Road just past the Keahua Forest Arboretum.  This leads to the Jurassic Gate where they shot Jurassic Park.


The first creek crossing.


The second creek crossing.


Off into the Waikoko Forest.


Welcome to Jurassic Park.  The movie gates are long gone, but these concrete gate posts mark the location.


The road continues on to the base of Mt. Waialeale.