Mike's Garage

The only portion of my interior that needs discussing is the installation of the GT gauge cluster  You can just look at the pictures below and get an idea of the rest.  The gauge cluster that came in the GL Probe only had a 90 mph speedometer, that was just not acceptable.  I found a GT Probe in a junk yard that was also a 5-speed.  My initial thoughts were: same transmission, same gear ratios.  The GT's came with a 120 mph speedometer which more suited my tastes.  I assumed that the only major difference between the GT and my GL would be the addition of a turbo, i.e. all gear ratios should be the same.  I pulled the gauge cluster (the entire cluster, not just the speedo, that's important) out of the GT and took it home.  Replacing my gauge cluster meant pulling off the steering wheel and dismantling the dash.  No problem.  Hooking up the GT cluster consisted of plugging in one bundle of wires and attaching the speedometer cable, that easy.  Before I put everything back together I started my car and turned the interior lights on to make sure everything on the cluster worked (you never can be too safe with junk yard hand-me-downs).  Other that a couple blown light bulbs, I was good to go.  I put everything back together and went for a test drive to make sure the speedometer and tachometer were good; they were.  All my shift points were the same as they had been on the old cluster, both speed and rpms.  Success.  I also picked up a great looking set of white-faced gauges off Ebay.  They look great.



No back seats, no paneling, no extra weight.                      Here's the Momo steering wheel and shift knob,
You can also see my 8" Bazooka Bass Tube.                   as well as the Niken pedals and GT gauge cluster.

Here a shot of my Soundstream amp beneath the driver's seat.


Dynamat is installed to make the interior a little more quiet.  The 4-point roll bar stiffens things up and adds a bit of protection.