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103rd Anniversary Holbrook Trip

The uplifted rim of Meteor Crater is visible from I-40 which follows old Route 66 across the southwest. 


I met up with the gang in the strewn field late afternoon just as a light rain started falling.


I got lucky and stumbled across a meteorite very quickly, I just walked around a bush and there it was.


Robby and Bob came over to check it out before I popped it out of the ground.


I started off Day 2 at a spot where Robby and I have found a few meteorites over the years, and sure enough I found another one this year, a little broken fragment.


The Petrified Forest is near-by, and every now and then you'll find a piece of petrified wood in the Holbrook strewn field as well.



After a relaxing lunch (I fell asleep in my truck with the AC running) we spent some time hunting a different part of the strewn field.  Robby and I were walking along and I noticed a black rock next to an old ant hill but didn't think anything of it.  I put my magnet near it out of habit, not expecting anything, and when it hopped up and stuck I couldn't believe it!  This was the biggest (10.5g) and nicest Holbrook meteorite I'd ever found.


Robby is in the background looking for more as I documented this find.


I was excited to see that it was a ~95% complete individual.


It was getting dark so we headed back to the vehicles and as luck would have it I found one more on the return trek.


My finds for the weekend.