Mike's Garage

I've compiled coordinates for several areas that look promising and I'm slowly going through them all, hoping to find that ever elusive rock from space.  This weekend I headed to a playa I've named General Dry Lake since it is south of Mount General and none of my maps even show it, let alone give it a name.  There are several mining claims staked around the playa, you can see a couple markers for one in this photo taken from a BLM road that provides access to the dry lake.


Out on the playa it was a beautiful day in the desert.  It was in the low 50s *F and there was a steady wind coming out of the northeast.  Looking west here, Red Hill is on the right horizon, and I believe that Lynx Cat Mountain is the rise directly in the middle.  Can you find my truck?


Just steps from where I parked my truck I came across this odd thing.  Any ideas what it could be?


South of the playa is Mount General.


I spent the day hunting the playa surface, but all around it was some great desert pavement with light plant cover, mostly from the recent rains.  I will be returning here in the future to search the surrounding terrain, it all looked like prime hunting grounds.  The Waterman Hills begin to rise off to the east.


The "downstream" end of the dry lake showed signs of recent standing water.


Here's a nice meteorwrong I found.  It was looking good until I got up on it an pulled it from the dirt.  It's almost a perfect sphere and appears to be sedimentary in origin.  I still thought it was neat enough to bring home.


I'm not sure what was going on here, but someone must have been really motivated to drag all these stones out to the middle of the playa.


The north portion of the playa was terrain that reminded me of the surface of Mars (less the water cracks).  The coolest thing I came across all day was this sailing stone, oriented with the prevailing wind as you would expect.