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A supercharger produces a much higher volume of exhaust gases than a naturally aspirated engine.  In order to free up the "exhale" of the engine, the stock Ford exhaust system had to go.  A pair of JBA 1-5/8" headers and a 2.5" Magnaflow X-pipe with catalytic converters was added to compliment the "Saleen" Borla cat-back exhaust.  The headers are coated with JBA's ultra high temperature titanium ceramic coating.  The Magnaflow pipe is stainless steel and uses the highest quality catalytic converters available.


The install job took me and a friend the better part of two days.  A majority of the bolts holding the stock manifolds in are virtually inaccessible.  A combination of jacking the motor up and some contortion skills and we managed to get every stock stud out.  Believe me, there were moments when I didn't think we'd be able to do it.  I didn't want to have to worry about retightening bolts, so I purchased a set of Stage 8 locking header and collector bolts.

The first step was to remove the factory H-pipe.  As you can see in the comparison photo, a majority of the stock pipe is catalytic converters.  It is also a smaller diameter than the Magnaflow piece (2.25" vs. 2.5").  You don't need to be an expert in fluid dynamics to see the obvious benefits of the Magnaflow pipe.

Next the cast iron manifolds were removed.  It's amazing that these things flowed any exhaust at all.  They're basically an iron stick that covers all of the exhaust ports.  Again, the tubular JBA design shows its obvious superiority.

Driver's side
Passenger's side
Here they are both installed with the Stage 8 locking hardware (K-member is off the car during these pictures).  The gold is spray-on gasket to help get a good seal.
Here's a final shot with the X-pipe installed.