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Coyote Dry Lake, CA

After numerous unsuccessful searches of this location we all had sworn it off and said we wouldn't bother coming back unless someone else found something.  Well a local Barstow resident and his family made several finds this fall and they were generous enough to take us out the the location of their finds in hopes of picking up a few more.  Coyote is a huge playa surface covering about 25 square miles.


After 3 straight days of rain the week before the playa surface was still pretty muddy in spots, as you can see by Tom and his Jeep.  Photo by Richard Garcia.


Photo by Chris Coffee.


Chris Coffee and family.


It took us a few hours to find exactly where we wanted to be hunting, but once we did three finds occurred almost simultaneously.  As I was walking back to my truck to eat my sandwich I stumbled across a 19.6g meteorite sitting right on the surface.  As I was documenting the find Chris found a 10g stone, and Tom made a 4g find. 


Chris's 10g find, photo by Chris Coffee.


Here's a series of photos of my 19.6g find in-situ.




19.6g Coyote Dry Lake meteorite with my Toyota in the background.


When I popped it out of the ground it had a nice pointed shape to the bottom, it was a bit bigger than I initially had guessed.



It was a great day with a bunch of great people, can't wait to do it again.  Below is a meteorite on the left and meteorwrongs on the right.  The green mineral is probably Chrysocolla.


Window showing nickel iron flecks inside the meteorite.