Mike's Garage

Shift Knob

I never liked the stock automatic shift knob on these cars; it just looked cheesy.  I ordered this billet one and had it anodized black.  It came with a small bracket to relocate the overdrive button with.

Door Carpets

I contacted Saleen and obtained a set of their door carpet inserts.  They stopped making these in 2004 since the new '05 models don't use them.  I was lucky to find a set (my '99 didn't come with them).

What Antenna?

I installed a "hidden antenna" unit to replace the large mast that Ford sticks off the front fender.  I used a Cobra R antenna delete plate to cover up the hole the old mast left.


Clear Corners

I found some simple directions on how to remove the yellow plastic reflectors from our headlights and spent an afternoon giving myself some clear corner lenses.  I think it looks much cleaner, especially on a white car.  Instructions on how to perform this mod can be found here.


Billet Pieces

I don't really like windshield wipers, so I ordered a set of UPR's billet wiper deletes and had them anodized black.  While I was at it I picked up a billet oil fill cap, too.



The stock Ford seats are heavy (about 60 pounds for the power driver's seat and 40 pounds for the passenger) and not very supportive.  They're like big, leather sofas.  I replaced them with a set of Corbeau Forza seats.  These seats weigh 19 pounds each and really hold me in place.  Click on the picture to go to the Inside section for more pictures.


Rear Seat Delete

Mark Luton Racing made a nice kit to replace your rear seats, saving about 45 pounds.  It's a good fit and looks top notch.

Floor Mats

Saleen floor mats now keep my carpets nice and clean.  They look good, too.


Thanks to Ken Myers for the great job on the rear fascia letter inserts.  They really set off the rear end.

Photo courtesy of Ken Myers

Grill Emblem

I never liked that cheap looking plastic honeycomb and horse that Ford put on the front of these cars, so I replaced mine with the "horse-only" emblem from the 1999 Cobra.  It gives the front end a more aggressive look.



Thanks to the folks over at MustangWorld there's a simple mod you can do to raise the gas pedal up almost level with the brake pedal.  This makes heel-toe driving possible in stick-shift cars and assures you that the throttle is, in fact, 100% open when you floor it.  Follow this link for complete directions.


The windows were tinted with a metallic-injected tint, as opposed to the standard dyed mylar tint most cars have.  The advantage to the metallic tint (it's not the mirrored stuff you see sometimes, it looks like regular tint) is that it will never fade and it reflects heat and UV rays instead of absorbing them like the plain dyed tint does.  Plus it looks bitchin'.